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Visit Sant’Elmo castle – Naples

The mighty medieval castle Sant’Elmo, stands high and dominates the city, the Bay and the roads, with its yellow Tuff from Naples, Vomero hill. The story starring the Paturcium Hill and the Sant’Elmo Castle is a fascinating story, made of inheritances, sieges and revenge. The fortress, has always been the ambition and desire of Kings and Queens, both for its strategic position and its extension. On the Hill, at first there was a Norman Watchtower, called Belforte. It was in 1329 that Robert the Wise ordered the construction of a building: the Palatium Castrum. Contended and besieged in the Castle lived Queen Joan I of Naples, Charles of Durazzo, Alfonso of Aragon, Emperor Charles V.

In 1587, to change the fate of the castle was a thunderbolt that fell in the powder room, causing a huge explosion that blew up a substantial part of the fortress. After a short period of disabitazione, the castle became a military prison in which cells were locked up also the philosopher Tommaso Campanella and Giovanna di Capua; Francesco Mario Pagano and Gennaro Serra di Cassano at the time of the French Revolution.

Napoli_Castel_s_Elmo_piazza_d'armi_dal_camminamento_1050116Watch it from afar, as well as entering inside, it feels to perceive the Sant’Elmo Castle almost as if it were an external reality that embraces and monitors and protects as if was in fatherly attitude towards the whole city and everyone inside its plant a six-pointed star. Currently the Sant’Elmo Castle houses the Museum of Naples twentieth century collecting sculptures, graphics and paintings made by Neapolitan artists on the ‘ 900. Among the major roles that the Sant’Elmo Castle occupies in the urban context of the Neapolitan, is that of the multipurpose centre which aims to reduce the distance to the city and widen interest in art and culture in toto, by communicating and intersect the various arts. A project that has taken shape and has established itself over the years thanks to shows and events of all kinds and, in particular, gave the possibility to the Neapolitans to live and be involved and active citizens of their city.


Opening hour:


Daily from 8:30 to 19:30.
The Museo del Novecento is open daily except Tuesday; access is per hour from 9:00. Last entry at 18:00;
On Tuesday the Sant’Elmo Castle is open for visits to the parade ground, the stands and pedestrian walkways.




full price: € 5.00
reduced: 2.50
Tuesday: 2.50


Timetables and ticket prices may vary from event to event and/or current exhibitions.
Free for EU citizens under 18 years and the first Sunday of each month


848,800,288 or + 39.06.39967050
from abroad and from mobile phones, Monday to Saturday 9:0013:30 and 14:3017:00
Booking fee:
individual 1.50;
groups: € 20.00;
school groups: € 5.00


Group visits:
opening hours: on request
languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German
participants: max 25
duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
price: € 90.00
reservations required 848.800.288
Address: Via Tito Angelini, 22 80129 Naples