Archeological area

  • (Italiano) Il Parco Vergiliano e la Crypta Neapolitana a Piedigrotta

    Vergiliano Park and Neapolitana Crypta

    The Parco Vergiliano is located on the slopes of the hill that separates Mergellina from Fuorigrotta. It was one of the most frequented by the travellers of the Grand Tour […]

  • Neapolitan Crypt and Platamoniche or Platamonie cave

    Visit Platamoniche or Platamonie caves, Crypta Neapolitana and Pizzofalcone Naples

    Platamoniche or Platamonie caves and Pizzofalcone The hill of Pizzofalcone is a magical place where myth, religion and history come together. In this place laid the foundations of the city […]

  • Temple of Jupiter - Bacoli

    Visit Temple of Jupiter – Bacoli

    Cuma is the oldest Greek colony of the West. In the Greek controlled a fairly extensive territory, including Cuma Lake Lucrino, Averno, Miseno and Fusaro, Bay, part of the territory […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Visit Agrippina Tomb – Bacoli

    Visit Agrippina Tomb – Bacoli

    So called Tomba di Agrippina, panoramic view The grave of Agrippina, mother of Nero consisting in the remains of an imperial-era building located close to the sea, so recognized by […]

  • La Solfatara Pozzuoli

    La Solfatara Pozzuoli

    Lo scenario che si può vedere entrando nell’area del  Vulcano Solfatara non lascia trasparire il paesaggio che nasconde, si entra da un semplice palazzo e subito dopo il cortile si […]

  • Underwater Park of Gaiola

    Visit Underwater Park of Gaiola

    The underwater Park of Gaiola is a small marine protected area of 42 hectares of sea surrounding the Islands in the Bay of Naples and extending from the village of […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Visit Underwater Baia Park

    Visit Underwater Baia Park

    Il parco sommerso di Baia è un’area marina protetta localizzata sulle coste della provincia di Napoli a nord del Golfo di Napoli.[1] Istituita nel 2002 con decreto congiunto del Ministro […]

  • Miseno Sacello degli Augustali

    Visit Miseno Sacello degli Augustali

    “Sacello degli Augustali” is located in the Forum area of the ancient city of Misenum, submersible today from bradyseism, not far from the theater. The complex was built in Julio-Claudian […]

  • Fontanelle cemetery - Naples

    Visit Fontanelle cemetery – Naples

    he origin of the Fontanelle cemetery dates back to the 4th century BC, when it was a quarry from which the tuff, a building material used by the Greeks, was […]