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Historic center of Naples. Tips for a Walk

Walking in the historic center of Naples, through some  UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1995 is the best way to live and discover a city that will leave you speechless.

There is obviously no definite rule for walking, it depends on what we are looking for at that time. Naples is however a city that offers entertainment, culture and breathtaking views, so let’s try to trace some recommended route for our visit.

If we start from Naples Central rail station before starting our walking, It is recommended to make a ride in the Metro to the Toledo stop ( just 4 stops away for the price of € 1,20 ).

Once you get off, take some time to admire one of the stations of the so-called Art Metro.

Art Station on Via Toledo in Naples Historic center

This station is a work of the Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets has received several awards including that of the most beautiful station in Europe according to the Daily Telegraph.

So here we are outside the station, in the heart of the city in the beautiful Via Toledo, between shops, restaurants and of course pizzerias, in this regard it is good to remember that a good pizza in Naples can be found practically everywhere being a pillar of Neapolitan culinary culture and also intangible Heritage of mankind for UNESCO from 2017.

From Historic center to Piazza del Plebiscito

From the underground station and continuing towards Piazza del Plebiscito is a riot of colors, flavors and smells that will take you, on the road you will find yourself in front of places of interest like: Palazzo Zevallos seat of the museum institution Galleries of Italy of property of the Intesa San Paolo Group, the historical Teatro Augusteo built in the homonymous square at the beginning of the twentieth century and the Galleria Umberto I, Majestic nineteenth-century Art Nouveau architecture.

We have almost arrived in Piazza del Plebiscito, but first we find ourselves in front of a very important road knot like Piazza Trieste and Trento (historically San Ferdinando Square before the events of the First World War) that represents almost an entrance for The iconic Neapolitan square. From there we can admire: the fountain of artichoke built in the middle of the twentieth century, the Teatro San Carlo (the first opera house in the world born in 1737), the Palazzo Zapata (seat of the Polytechnic circle of artists) and a prospectus of the famous Royal palace (seat of apartments Historians and the National Library of Naples).

Take a coffee at Cafe Gambrinus

At the corner of Piazza del Plebiscito and Piazza Trieste and Trento is the historic Café Gambrinus, a refocillante visit is therefore recommended. After enjoying an excellent Neapolitan espresso, perhaps accompanied by a sfogliatella (typical dessert of Neapolitan cuisine) or a baba, here we are finally in the most famous square of Naples.

Piazza del plebiscito, is named after the plebiscite of October 21, 1860, which sanctioned the annexation of the Kingdom of Naples to that of Sardinia. The size of the square is about 25000 sqm, and is one of the largest squares in Italy. From there, you can admire the main perspective of the royal palace and the neoclassical Basilica of San Francesco da Paola.

royal palace facade Naples as seen from San Francesco di Paola

Royal Palace courtyards Naples historic center

One of the tips I can give you is to take this walk both in daytime and evening, with the façade of the basilica that lights up with a thousand colors with its colonnade. Take a look at the Royal Palace courtyards (free of charge) and let yourself be dragged by the sounds of the city. Naples is always a beautiful discovery!

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