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In Naples art and history weave together with the beauty of its streets, the facades of its palaces and churches, museums and historic sites. The complex of the “Incurabili” (literally “incurables”), is one of the representative building of neapolitan Renaissance. Located in the area of the “anticaglia”, not far from decumano superiore, it was built by Maria Lorenza Longo in 1521.
The name and the fascinating history of the complex of The Incurables come from a vow that the woman made for her recovery from rheumatoid arthritis, for which she went on pilgrimage to the shrine of the Holy House of Loreto, asking for grace; She returned to Naples chose to devote his life to the care of the sick, founding the hospital Santa Maria del Popolo degli Incurabili .Napoli_(NA),_2012,_Complesso_degli_Incurabili_la_farmacia. The complex, in addition to its beautiful churches and cloisters, houses the historic eighteenth-century Pharmacy, along with the Health of Naples Museum of art. Inside, the great Hall is where art and science meet, introducing himself to the public in the form of priceless vases in majolica alternating with large double Devil masks, symbolizing the nature of pharmaceutical preparations which at the time were being processed in the lab behind the saloon: If on the one hand heal, on the other hand, the drugs can become poison.
Even today, in the controspezieria, are kept inventories of pharmaceutical products in glass ampoules, along with references to the elements that make up the specimen. Interesting are the references to Alchemy and esoteric traditions, emerging from the presence of products of animal origin and of mineral origin, as well as vegetable fibers. Of particular charm and enveloped by an aura of magic and Alchemy, is the marble urn created by Crescenzio Trinchese, containing the Treacle: consisting of opium, flesh and skin of Viper, along with other items, was then cure for every ill.
Magic aside, the true power of the incurable hospital care resided in medication, attention to the world pharmaceutical and in its use to fight incurable diseases.
Health and history of medicine Museum of art:
Open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 at 13:00;
Historic pharmacy guided tours are offered on Saturdays and during special openings
Guided tours are organized by the cultural association “Il Faro di Ippocrate” appointment and with a contribution of 10.00 € for the conservation and restoration of the complex.
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