Discover Posillipo district in Naples


One of the most beautiful places to visit, especially in summer, is the hilly district of Posillipo, a name that comes from the Greek and literally means << that stops the suffering >>.

Posillipo is characterized by the beautiful views from which you can see the sea that embraces the Gulf of Naples and its islands, the smell of pine trees (iconic postcard of Naples with the Gulf and a pine) as well as the blue sky and water that melting, dominates powerfully over all the rest of the colors.

In addition to this, inside the district there are also several monumental architectures and places of historical and artistic interest such as the panoramic Parco Virgiliano (formerly Parco della Rimembranza), extraordinary villas overlooking the sea including Villa Rosebery, one of the official residences of the President of the Italian Republic and a landmark for Neapolitan neoclassicism.