Something unconventional? Visit the museum of carriages in Naples

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If you are a visitor to Naples and you are looking for a place different from the usual routine, something that makes you change your mind about the usual paths, something unusual. Then we can recommend a visit to the small but interesting Museum of carriages in Naples.

First of all, you should know that this is a museum that has constantly improved in terms of exhibition and technology, especially after the restoration that since 2015 has made the place usable in an optimal way. It is located within the park of Villa Pignatelli, but must be considered as a museum totally independent from the Museum Pignatelli-Cortés (The same topic, in detail here) as well as different is the content.

This fascinating exhibition space is part of the so-called Palazzina Rothschild , a strategic place for the wealthy family of Bankers; a place built specifically to house one of the offices of Rothschild & Son, a credit institution that already had offices in London, Vienna, Paris and Frankfurt and that saw Naples, at the time capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, as one of the economic capitals of Continental Europe.


The building is located in the north side of the park of Villa Pignatelli, formerly known as Villa Acton, by Ferdinand Richard Acton, baronet, politician and admiral of the English Navy who had previously inhabited the beautiful neoclassical villa.


What not to miss inside the museum?

The museum of carriages is a large collection of historical documents, not only on carriages as a means of transport, but on the whole route made by road transport, from that pulled by animals to the technological development of the first engines, from public transport to the exclusive and private one.


This means that within the route we can find the ancient two-seater or even single-seater carriers, used by nobles or aristocrats, finished in wood and painted with entirely handcrafted methods. Multi-seater cars that were nothing more than the ancestors of modern road transport, some of these means of transport were also equipped with private bathrooms, and were for the exclusive use of the richer social classes.

The comparison that can be made between the various means of transport in the rooms of the museum, is further enriched by the presence of “multimedia totems” with which visitors can interface in first person to discover all the secrets of transport of the time.



INFORMATION Address: Riviera di Chiaia, 200, 80121 Naples (NA)
Timetable: Mon-Sun 8.30-17.00 (Tuesday closing day)
€ 5 full - € 2 reduced for visitors aged between 18 and 25 years - 
2 entrance ticket to the park only
Free entrance for children under 18 years of age