Visit Naples underground

Napoli_sotterranea_(scala_scavata) Naples Underground is a trip back in time and space!
The stairs that lead from the entrance of the site to 40 meters deep, look like a border zone. It’s a place of transition from the Naples of today to the Naples of yesterday. Naples Underground is the other side of Naples, the silent and hidden one. It can be considered the Foundation to the city, in fact a third of the city is built on empty space”.

The underground development began when the Greeks wanted to build the walls of the city,  so they took the tuff from the underground, opening passages and tunnels; in Roman era, the network of tunnels was enlarged because the Romans wanted to provide the city with a network of aqueducts.Napoli_sotterranea_(cava)  The Greek-Roman aqueduct can be visited from Piazza San Gaetano, on via dei Tribunali. From there, the guided tour takes visitors on a journey backwards of 2400 years. By moving through the tunnels sometimes the space is just enough to allow the passage of one man. You can also visit the large cisterns that supplied the fountains of the neapolitans houses overground until 1885. The aqueduct was abandoned after a great plague, but the tuff was still extracted for new constructions. Life in underground Naples has never stopped: during World War II it was used by the Neapolitans as a shelter from the bombing. Later, it was used as a dump for the tuff of the buildings destroyed during the war. Today there are still objects and graffiti that show how people spent their days inside the underground city.
Visit Naples Underground is a must: in a two hours trip you can be a testimony of all the history of the city, from the bottom to the top. Naples was built vertically. Discovering its secrets and mysteries means visiting it in and out, up and down.
Access by:
Piazza San Gaetano (Authorized Officer)
Visiting hours:
Every day from 10:00 at 18:00 with departures every hour.
Entire 9.00 € – students and teachers 6 to 10 years 8.00 – children 6.00
Free admission for children not exceeding 5
Piazza Trieste e Trento.
Visiting hours:
Thursday: 21:00
10:0012:0016:30-Saturday hours18:00
10:00Sunday and holidays: 11:0012:0016:3018: