Reggia di Caserta. All you need to know

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The Reggia di Caserta is a Royal Palace with an incredible history that is located in the homonymous city of Caserta, in Campania, and is absolutely one of the most famous and visited Italian monuments.

It is to be considered as the largest royal residence in the world, although today it no longer plays any institutional role.

It is a great interweaving of rooms, corridors, halls and courtyards, fruit of the brilliant mind of the architect Luigi Vanvitelli who never saw this place completely complete. This mastodontic work, the last great work of Italian Baroque (with great neoclassical influence) was in fact completed only in 1845.

Photo by Pier Luigi Valente on Unsplash


The palace is almost forty metres high and more than two hundred metres long and is divided into four large internal courtyards (each measuring more than 3,000 square metres) and is almost lost in an immense park finely decorated with statues, fountains and exotic plants.

Once inside you can see the so-called “cannochial” architecture in which one’s point of view is lost on the horizon through the precious perpendicular corridors and the various octagonal “vestibules”. The vestibules, a sort of architectural hallway, welcome the visitor and harmoniously divide the space.

From the centre of the ground floor you can access the monumental royal staircase, typical of late baroque architecture decorated with statues of lions by Paolo Persico and Pietro Solari, while on the ceiling stands triumphant a beautiful fresco by Girolamo-Starace Franchis: The Four Seasons and the Palace of Apollo.

Once up the stairs we are in the main octagonal vestibule, from this point on you can reach the historical apartments and the palatine chapel.