Tonight in Naples with Alberto Angela


Alberto Angela

On Rai 1 at Christmas time there is Alberto Angela with Stanotte a Napoli.

Don’t miss this new appointment of the series Stanotte a.. that Alberto Angela has been carrying on for some years.
Alberto Angela

In Naples in the ancient places of the Neapolitan city, with evocative images, the famous conductor will take us on Christmas Eve talking about history, traditions and stories, related to a place that even its inhabitants are not able to know thoroughly.

The places of Naples chosen by Alberto Angela

On December 25, 2021, don’t miss this great opportunity to be accompanied on a splendid journey
with an exceptional guide who will lead us through the streets of Naples, showing the Rai 1 audience the Catacombs of San Gennaro, the Royal Palace with its treasures, the Umberto I Gallery, the San Carlo Theater, and Angela will also descend into the Neapolitan underground to take us inside the Bourbon gallery, a place steeped in stories that has crossed several eras, preserving the signs and sometimes the objects of each.

Galleria borbonica - Cistern (Naples)
We could not miss the crib art of the artisans of San Gregorio Armeno, famous throughout the world and the history of the Neapolitan crib with the first examples preserved at the museum of San Martino.
The workshops of San Gregorio Armeno themselves have contributed to the creation of this special event, Stanotte a Napoli.

La via dei pastori - particolare di un banco- Napoli

Alberto Angela presented Stanotte a Napoli (Tonight in … Naples) at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Presented at the Mann the program that Rai1 will broadcast on Christmas Eve 2021, a journey that Alberto Angela takes us on to discover the beauty of Italy and the history of Naples.


Alberto Angela’s nocturnal guided tours allow us to look more closely and with the help of an evocative atmosphere, places, some already known to many, of which we do not know many things.

"Naples has lights and shadows. Our program focuses on the lights, making you see a reverberation of them that you sometimes don't consider. This program also serves to dismantle prejudices - said Alberto Angela - Naples is for Italy a bit what Italy is for abroad. There are commonplaces, but then you have to know, knowledge is the most important thing to demolish and dismantle prejudices. I like it in Naples, I've been coming here to work for years. I'm not Neapolitan, I'm from the North, I'm from Piedmont, from Turin even, but I feel at ease, and this means a lot. This program also serves to dismantle these prejudices".

Among the guests of the evening some well-known faces of the Neapolitan song and theater as Massimo Ranieri, Marisa Laurito and the brilliant Serena Rossi and Serena Autieri. In the role of Charles III of Bourbon a giant of Italian cinema, Giancarlo Giannini.

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