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The Solfatara. A Pozzuoli’s Volcano, Naples

[:it]The scenery that can be seen entering the area of the Solfatara Volcano does not reveal the landscape that hides, you enter from a simple palace and immediately after the courtyard you see a large garden.


The latter hides a landscape comparable to the lunar one, it is strong the emotion that you feel to see a large plain more or less circular ivory white surrounded by hills and dense vegetation, it is the mouth of the volcano on which you are.
It is possible to take part in evocative guided tours and the guides who accompany you are very well prepared on the history, geology, volcanic activity and a thousand anecdotes that are part of this evocative place in the territory of Pozzuoli (NA).







Many films have been shot here using the surreal scenery that characterizes it, including the famous “Live At Pompeii” of Pink Floyd by Adrian Maben in 1972.

1000 stories are part of the Solfatara Volcano and every corner reserves surprises, fumaroles, mud, stoves, big mouth and young mouth.

Via Solfatara, 161 – 80078 Pozzuoli (Naples)
Tel. +39 0815262341 – +39 0815267413 Fax. +39 0815263482 E-mail: info@solfatara.it[:]

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