What to absolutely see in Naples in two days?

What can we see in the chief town of Naples if we only have 48 hours? In fact, they are a little bit ‘little to discover a dynamic city, rich in culture and entertainment as Naples but it does not matter, we will make it enough.

First of all you have to walk a bit ‘on foot at least for a few hours, so as to immerse yourself in its architecture, its streets and its squares, the old town is ideal for walking, narrow streets and crowded and smells of culinary specialties in the air, the area of the Decumani will capture you. In this area there are also a large number of cultural heritage, obelisks, churches, historic buildings, archaeological excavations and the beautiful streets of the Neapolitan Presepe (Nativity scene, crib) including the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno.

A few steps away we can also visit the Duomo, the main cathedral of the metropolitan city of Naples, famous for the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of St. Gennaro (with adjoining museum) which houses the relics of the patron saint of the city, the place dova takes place the famous Miracle of liquefaction of blood contained in a vial.

Now, if we are a little hungry in addition to pizza, we can try alternatively one of the different trattorias that the city offers with the flavors typical of the city. You can not give up during a visit to Naples to at least one of these dishes: Sartù di riso, Ragù napoletano (not to be confused with the Bolognese one), the so called genovese (first course with onion that has nothing to do with the city of Genoa) or a typical pasta with potatoes and provola.

After tasting a dish of our tradition you can choose to visit a museum, the main ones are the National Archaeological Museum, National Gallery of Capodimonte (which should be visited later for its location), the Royal Palace and the Charterhouse of San Martino, or stroll through the streets of Neapolitan shopping, all Via Toledo, Via Chiaia, Via Calabritto, Via dei Mille and Via Scarlatti. For the evening, if you are not too tired, it is good to go out for a drink, remember that Naples is a city that never sleeps and in the areas of nightlife such as Piazza Bellini or near Piazza San Pasquale you can party until late.

We have another 24 hours before leaving the city should spend some in one of the city’s urban parks, the Real Bosco di Capodimonte is the largest park in the city, you can take beautiful walks in the open air and enjoy fantastic views as well as being able to visit the museum of the same name. As an alternative, you can visit the Posillipo Virgilian park, from where you can admire the islands of the Gulf and breathe the scent of the sea that is lost on the horizon.

Before leaving the city return to greet the sea, perhaps at sunset, the Neapolitan promenade is a great place for walks by the sea, via Caracciolo, via Parthenope and via Nazario Sauro are waiting for you to make your weekend unforgettable. Naples is a city that leaves its mark, even in just twenty-four hours!